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Story of a restaurant in Turin

In 1964 Achille Gallina after touring Europe as a waiter,
comes back to Italy and decide to open a restaurant Langhe-only cuisine;
to those who were asking for a plate of spaghetti instead of tajarin,
he was used to say ‘What are they???’ while sending them to the nearest restaurant!

At the end of 2012, almost fifty years since first opening, “La Capannina” reopens
it’s doors inaugurating the new management and the passing of the baton to Domenico Muscariello
that, since Rebuilding, had a very clear desire to hold together past and present.
“La Capannina”‘ in fact, frequented by movies and sport celebrities,
was a piece of history of the city that Domenico wanted to respect
adding as much of the ‘new’ that would bring the old inn up to date
with tastes of the guests… in the interiors, in the choice of management and of course in the kitchen.

Old and new

The great classics of Piedmont cuisine as tajarin, Brasato (braised), Bollito misto (mixed boiled meat) or Gnocchi alla bava (mixed cheese cream Gnocchi) were maintained but today we added new flavors and dishes, closer to the most current ones. In our restaurant we always choose seasonal ingredients from our territory and we are attentive to supply chain and alternatives diets such as vegan and gluten-free. A memorable Neapolitan pizza is also present, even in the version with whole wheat flour. An extensive wine list combines the traditional Piedmontese bottles like Barolo or Barbaresco with others, more particular to satisfy even the most demanding gourmand.
The ingredients of the dishes are fresh and seasonal, where possible, we have chosen ‘Slowfood’ products and in compliance with the territory and the people involved in the supply chain.
We chose only Piedmont meat and typical local cuts. For Chateaubriand and fillet only Fassone, a native cattle breed, renowned for being very soft and thin.
The pizza is probably one of the most typical dishes of Italian cuisine, rich in history and flavors, many of which are still to be discovered: try the pizza of the day or any one of the classic pizzas but with the dough made of wholewheat flour! Anyhow, the dough is homemade and yeasts 48 hours to oxygenate and make the pizza more light and easily digestible.
All the desserts of ‘La Capannina’, displayed in the glass pastry, are fresh and home made. At least one of those present is suitable for vegans and coeliacs.


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