Ristorante tipico e pizzeria in centro a Torino - La tradizione e la passione in cucina
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Typical restaurant and pizzeria in the center of Turin

La Capannina is a typical pizza restaurant in the center of Turin, romantic and elegant, wants to be a meeting place between tradition and innovation, past and present. The great classics of Piedmont cuisine as tajarin, Brasato (braised), Bollito misto (mixed boiled meat) or Gnocchi alla bava (mixed cheese cream Gnocchi) were maintained but today we added new flavors and dishes, closer to the most current ones. In our restaurant we always choose seasonal ingredients from our territory and we are attentive to supply chain and alternatives diets such as vegan and gluten-free. A memorable Neapolitan pizza is also present, even in the version with whole wheat flour. An extensive wine list combines the traditional Piedmontese bottles like Barolo or Barbaresco with others, more particular to satisfy even the most demanding gourmand.